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Con­tent Direc­tion for the largest sci­ence and tech­nol­ogy cen­tre in the Mid­dle East. This project, with a bud­get of over 25 mil­lion CAD was the first of its kind in the Mid­dle East.

This edu­ca­tional facil­ity has 300 000 square feet of exhibit space with con­tent pre­sented in seven the­matic gal­leries using envi­ron­men­tal graph­ics, mul­ti­me­dia, video, and phys­i­cal exhibits. Davie Oswald was Con­tent Direc­tor, respon­si­ble for the con­cep­tu­al­iza­tion and imple­men­ta­tion of edu­ca­tional con­tent in all media — video, graphic, mul­ti­me­dia, phys­i­cal designs. Client rela­tions and project man­age­ment were also part of David’s responsibilities.

This was an extremely chal­leng­ing project that required an inno­v­a­tive pro­duc­tion approach. The ulti­mate result of the col­lec­tive efforts of all con­trac­tors on the SSTC project was a suc­cess­ful open­ing and a facil­ity that adds value to Saudi Ara­bian soci­ety. This project was done with Lunny Mid­dle East, the project lead con­trac­tors, and Aldrich Pears Asso­ciates, the lead design firm.

The Sul­tan bin Abdu­laziz Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy Cen­tre will…

…con­tribute to the process of edu­ca­tional and sci­en­tific devel­op­ment in the King­dom of Saudi Ara­bia.”
– His Royal High­ness Prince Sul­tan bin Abdulaziz